Survivors need to be monitored regularly for long-term side effects of the medicines and diagnostics are required on regular basis. It is an initiative of The Childhood Cancer Teenage
and Young Adult Survivor Group of Cankids. Most of the Survivors do not continue to follow up with their treating physician after completion of their treatment. Most of them continue
their lifestyle without knowing about consequences of late effects. This results them to fall into avoidable situations and Long Term Side Effects. Through this project we want to develop a module where enrolled survivors know the potential risk of late side effect and how they can cope up and Keep their treatment record online.

Survivor's Passport to Life is designed for survivors

1. To sensitize and educate Survivors about Late side effects and health and other issues through forums and workshops.
2. To create an online Passport for Survivors to access their own records and an online Community portal on the subject
3. To advocate for Survivorship Clinics in the country for regular Follow up of childhood cancer survivors and even run them ourselves
4. To initiate specific projects for Survivors including Fertility, Nutrition.