About KCK - KidsCan Konnect

The Childhood cancer, Teenage & Young Adult Survivor Group of CanKids…KidsCan comprising of cancer patients/survivors, siblings and their peers.

• Members offer peer support to each other and become part of a community of Childhood Cancer Survivors – staying in touch through Local Chapter meetings & get togethers, regional and national programs, workshops and conferences, Whats App, KCK Community portal

• They are helped to reintegrate into Society, through Scholarships for Education, opportunities to Intern, get employed and for Fellowship.

• They are offered Mentorship to help guide and support them in building a better life

• Members learn to look after their health and cope with late side effects of their cancer treatment and to join the Survivorship Clincs and get a Passport2Life

• They learn to motivate, inspire and lead younger childhood cancer patients and survivors.

• Participate in awareness programs about childhood cancer & survivorship

• Advocate for the Cause and for the Rights of the health impaired child with cancer, the family and for survivors- meeting

• Participate in late side effect research studies and projects.


Online : Click here
Offline : kckmembership@cankidsinida.org
Or Contact us :

DELHI : 011-40512467
MUMBAI: 022- 24712923
CHENNAI: 044-24413531
KOLKATA: +91-8013559338
LUCKNOW: +91-9811284406
AHMEDABAD: +91-7359971383